What is Scrip?
SCCS has been working with Scrip for several years now. During this time, we have answered a lot of questions. For some of you who still haven’t used scrip, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:
Why should I buy Scrip?
We buy Scrip gift cards at a discount and therefore, receive a profit. 75% of the profit from Scrip goes directly to your child's tuition. The remaining 25% of the profit is used for Scrip adminstration costs and for the SCCS Tuition Assistance Fund. 
It doesn’t cost you anything extra to purchase Scrip,
What exactly do I get when I purchase Scrip?
Depending on the retailer, Scrip could be a gift certificate or a gift card that looks similar to a credit card.
How much do I have to buy? Is there a minimum order?
There is no minimum to buy. You can buy as little or as much as you want. Scrip is available from $5 to $1000. The amount available depends on the retailer.
How do I use Scrip?
Shop like you normally do, but instead of pulling out your cash, checkbook or credit card, hand a gift certificate or gift card to the cashier. The cashier will process your transaction just like any other.
Will I get change back?
If you are using a gift card and you do not use the whole balance of the card, your receipt will show the remaining balance on the card and you can use the card again and again. If you are using a gift certificate, you will get change back (up to a certain amount) or the retailer may issue you the amount owed to you in another certificate.
What if I do not have enough Scrip to pay for my purchases?
Hand the cashier the scrip that you have first. They will apply the scrip toward the purchase and tell you the remaining amount that you owe. You can then pay the balance with cash, check or credit card.
My place of employment give us a discount at certain store; can I use scrip and still get my discount?
In most cases, yes. When you check out, you will receive your work discount and then the cashier will give you a total. When you pay this amount, you pay the discounted amount with the scrip.
Do I get my senior citizens or AAA discount too?
Yes. Most retailers will give the senior citizens or AAA discount and then you pay the discounted amount with scrip.
Can I use as much scrip as I want for one purchase?
Most retailers have a limit on the number of scrip you can use per transaction. Some have a limit of one per transactions, other have a limit of 15 (such as Sears).
Can I pay the store’s charge card balance off with scrip?
Some stores allow this (Kohl’s); others do not (such as JCPenney and Sears).
Does Scrip expire?
Most Scrip does not have an expiration date. Others have an expiration date of one to two years from the date of issue. This information may be included on the front or back of the certificate or prepaid card.
Can I use Scrip for on-line purchases?
Yes, some retailers allow this. At the time of checkout you enter the certificate or gift card number in a specific box. JCPenney is one retailer that allows this. Some retailers only allow two gift cards to be used on-line.
How do I purchase Scrip?
We order every Monday during the school year. Some weeks we do not order due to holidays. All orders need to be received by 8 a.m. on Monday morning. Orders should be dropped off at the high school or elementary office or directly to the Development Office. Orders are normally filled by Thursday and will be sent home with a student in most cases or can be picked up at the school office or Development Office.
When do I “receive” the profit from my Scrip purchases?
Scrip profit is accumulated from approximately April 1st through the end of March. After this date, all purchases of scrip are accumulated for the next year. We send a letter to each family telling them the amount of the tuition reduction amount that they can deduct from their school tuition for the next school year.
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